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Welcome to Naveen!

To appreciate who we are we would like you to know who we aren’t.


We are not a team of :


social media or lifestyle bloggers




We are a team of individuals who share a common desire to learn more about Pakistan.


NAVEEN is a knowledge-rich website about Pakistan’s history, culture and its contemporary issues.


We believe in knowledge.

We believe in learning.

We believe in sharing what we learn with others.

If you are a curious individual who wants to learn about a nation which is continuously undergoing change, overcoming embedded stigmas rich in history, then you are in the right place.

Why Pakistan?

I am an overseas Pakistani woman who grew up in the UK, and I have grown up to some degree ill-informed about the Nation where my parents were born. This website is a deliberate and personal attempt to learn more about what Pakistan has to offer. My existing knowledge is littered with misconceptions and factual misunderstandings because my sources have been unreliable. This website is an attempt to become a reliable source of information.


My team and I have discovered a great deal about Pakistan and its people. We have learnt about individuals who have worked hard to make Pakistan a country where its privileged population assist and help disadvantaged communities to live a happier and healthier life. We have met individuals who have set up NGOs, Organisations or started a conversation to instigate a change, a change for a better Nation. We want to meet more of these people who enable positive change, and this change resulting in disadvantaged people living a better life than they otherwise would.